How Lazy Writers Make Resolutions

It is hard for us Lazy Writers to make Resolutions because it means another chance to fail. Last year I had a ton of things on my list…most of which I didn’t get done. So this year I’m only making one resolution at a time. When I’ve accomplished that one, I’ll move on to the next.

Now the biggest motivator is seeing all of the things that I’ve accomplished, even if it wasn’t recent. I have a spreadsheet with everything I’ve ever subbed. Over the years it adds up to quite a few subs. Then the subs that I have published I have in bold red so they stand out. This way everytime I sub something or need motivation to write, I can open the spreadsheet and look at all that I’ve accomplished.

If you need a visual reminder, go to a school supply store and get bulletin board cut outs (or make your own if you’re a cheapskate like me) Then write your wordcount each day, or the title of your subs or some otherway of keeping track of your accomplishments. Set your goals according to the number of cut outs you want to see. For example you do word counts and put up a cut out for every 100 words, your goal could be to have so many cut outs by a certain date. Yes, it seems very elementary, but it’s a visual way to keep on track.

I have a lofty first New Years Resolution: Finish the first rewrites on my YA novel by January 31st. I’m over halfway done so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Then I can go on to filling in the barespots and then on to polishing it.

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