Follow Through

I have less than a week until my article deadline. This should worry me since I haven’t finished yet, but being a true procrastinator, it doesn’t. Even though I haven’t put much on paper, I’ve been planning in my head how my article will look and what I’m going to cover.

I’ve read somewhere that most aspiring writers pitch articles, get an assignment, then never follow through. For those of you wanting to fullfill your dream of being a writer, you need to work on the follow through. If your a beginner start small. Write filler pieces that can be done in a day with little research. This will build your confidence to take on larger and deadline driven projects.

Another tip for helping you with the follow through is to practice it in other areas of your life. Have you been meaning to clean out the basement, but keep blowing it off. Treat it like you would an article assignment. Set a deadline, make a plan, then use this to practice your follow through. When you know that feeling of following through and completing a job frequently, completing an article will seem like a piece of cake.

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