too many ideas

There is nothing worse as a writer than to have lots of ideas.  You’d think it would be a blessing to beable to come up with ideas on whim.  You’d be wrong.  Ideas are nothing without the discipline, structure and skill.  Until those ideas are on paper; fleshed out and finished, they are nothing. 

The book The Forest for the Trees calls us the ambivelant writers.  We have lots of ideas, but complete little if anything.  When it comes to fiction, I am this way.  Give me a nonfiction topic and a couple hours and I can have a salable article.  Fiction is a different story.  I have tons of ideas and scraps of scenes, but even after 7 years I can’t seem to complete my first novel.  The rough draft is done yet I have spent years editing it.  And the edited versions are worse than the original, hard to believe, but true.

I am going to set my book aside for a little while until I can figure out what it is that is causing this problem.  I need to fix it so that maybe my best friends daughter will quit nagging me about when I’ll get it finished so that she can read it.  And so that I can move on to one of the other billion ideas waiting to be brought to life on paper.

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