So long ago

It is already been almost a week since the conference ended and I’ve already gone back to my “lazy” ways.  This weekend I’ll be starting the research for my article due in January.  I want to have the ruff draft done by the middle of November so that I have plenty of time to edit and tweek it so that it’s “perfect” before I send it to the editor.  This is going to be the first of many articles to come.

I have a new e-book for all of you aspiring writers.  it’s by Linda J Hutchinson.  The Bare Bone Basics of: So You Want To Be A Writer is a great How-to book on getting started in writing and publishing.  You get years of knowledge rolled into 66 pages, as well as a time tracker and submission tracker all for the amazing price of $6.95.  You can barely get a burger and fries for that much anymore.  So go to her website @ and check it out.  And yes, I’m biased.  She was one of the many wonderful presenters at the Muse Conference and the reason I have the article assignment.

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