I have died and gone to heaven

It is only Tuesday and I am so pumped!  The Muse Conference has got my lazy brain in high gear.  If it wasn’t for the fact I have a “real job” I’d probably get little to no sleep just so I could use ALL of the great information I’ve been getting.  So far I have two workshops that are coming in first place on my most useful list.  Writing for the Trades and Making Money Between Books.  I have several that come in a very close second.  And one I’m completely bummed about.  Writing for Pet publications seems to be a no go.  Being big into pets, I wanted to take that one.  Oh well.

Tomorrow is day 3 and I’m signed up for the Plotting chat, but won’t beable to make.  Thanks to some wonderful people, transcripts will be available, so I can catch up later.  I will also have to read the Writing Sex – Hands On transcript…it should be interesting.

I’ve got a crazy idea that maybe next year I’ll teach a workshop on Motivation to help those who are motivationally challenged.  It is just an idea so don’t go running off and telling Lea…LOL.

My goal for this week is to send out 5 query letters before the party on Sunday.  I sent my first off this morning, so only 4 more to go.  I also have to check in with my critique group which is currently on Conference break and see what I need to catch up on from before the break.

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