My brain hurts already

The conference doesn’t start until Monday, but I already feel the overload from reading handouts and deciding which of my 20+ workshops are absolute necessaries and which ones can be blown off if I find myself overwhelmed.  (this is very highly likely, but I want to learn everything)

I will start posting new and interesting information that I learn from from this years conference.  I have decided to postpone the creation of my Muse Conference Companion sight until after the conference so it will be ready for next years conference.

Now I’m off to the conference!  See everyone there!

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    I can SOOOOO relate to your description of the MUSE IT UP Conference!

    Last year I signed up for just about everything — didn't realize the workshops (DUH!! Notice part of the word IS "work") involved homework … and overwhelmed myself on day one!

    Even so, this year I signed up for about 60% of the chats and workshops. I YI YI YI!

    Me Too! I wanna learn everything they have to share with us in this awesome event!


    Hope you enjoy it and learn all you hope and plan for. 🙂

    Sue B

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