A Little Behind

The conference is only a few weeks away! Are you ready? Have you gotten the handouts and started the home work yet? Me neither. I haven’t gotten very far on my companion site either. I did accomplish one small feat…I ordered toner so I’ll be able to print soon. This will be a great help when I want to do pen on paper edits or send out submissions to those horrible horrible publications that don’t take email submissions.

My goal for this weekend is to start reading all of the great handouts and add to my companion site. I also need to do laundry so I don’t have to go to work naked next week. I’d hate anyone to hire my bosses to sue me for making them go blind. I’m sure I’ll come up with a million other things to do besides writing, but I need to work on that too.

I got harrassed by my friend’s 14 year old for having taken over 2 years to edit the YA novel I promised to let her read. So I probably better get it done before her future children will be old enough to read it.

Have you made a weekend goal yet? If not, now is as good as ever.

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