Pre-Conference Prep

Only a few more weeks until the Conference. I’ve been reading through all of the handouts and trying to get started on the homework early so I can concentrate on reading all of the posts and soaking up as much information as my brain can stand. As usual I signed up for way too many workshops. But that’s my style. I like to jump into everything I do with both feet, then work until I burnout. Since the conference is only a week long, I have to work that much harder to acheive burnout by the end.

All of this Pre-Conference prep has got my creative juices flowing and I’m in full Idea mode. My To-Do list has been growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve also been doing some research on markets trying to locate publications for my completed (or almost completed) work.

This weekend I’ll be spending some time getting the Muse Conference Companion Site going. The first page is already up, but I need to start adding the useful info. So check back next week for an update.

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