To Do List

I’m back after a very long break. During my break I discovered something that I can not live without. My To Do list.

I am very much a “Mood” writer. I go through periods where I can come up with a million ideas, but not be focused enough to actually write (Idea Mood). Then other times I couldn’t come up with an idea if one was in front of me in flashing neon lights, but I can write like mad (Writing Mood). (Today is a writing mood day) I also have an Editing Mood and a Submitting Mood. They are both very dependant on my Idea and Writing Moods. And unfortunately don’t happen very often.

My To Do list are all of the ideas that I get during my Idea Moods that I work on in my Writing Moods. It gives me direction and inspires me to write. My To Do list can span several pages and have notes about possible submission places. Occasionally it will have things I need to remember to get at the store or phone numbers.

At some point in the last two years I’ve lost my main To Do List. And now that I’m in a Writing Mood, I feel completely lost. Of course I’m still writing, but I’ve lost my sense of direction. And it annoys me to no end when I loose things.

I guess when the next Idea Mood strikes I’ll need to sit down and start all over.

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