Lots And Lots Of Handouts

Now that the conference handouts are coming in…I’m really getting excited. There is nothing quite like a influx of new info to get the old brain cells a pumping. And what great info it has been. I’m already starting my writing to do list which is now about six pages long. (My apologies now to Bill. I’ll try not to kick and scream when you make me leave the computer to go site seeing in Rhode Island. oh and I forgot to tell you that I’m on the Writer’s Diet. I only stop to eat at the end of projects, chat sessions, etc.)

Thanks to working an avg of 50 hours a week on a very erratic schedule my writing has seriously suffered. But I’m remeding that situation by looking for a different job with a consistant 40 hours a week schedule. I will have to relocate, but that’s okay. Writing will go anywhere I do.

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