I Fear We Will Never Be Together

Look what I found hiding in my files. I think my characters are conspiring against me.

Dear Michael,
My Love. I fear we shall never be together. For years Dawn has written about us, our perpetual life in first chapter.
I long to touch you, to kiss you, to make sweet passionate love to you. Why does she torment us with this powerful need and taunt us with our future only to rip it from us after a few weeks?
I wish to hate her, but I can not. Her non-commitment to writing and constrained schedule turn her from us. Her poor grammer, sloppy sentence structure and non-descript tale all frustrate me, but I still can not hate her.
She truely believes in us. She wants us to love each other. We were developed from her unwavering belief in true love and romantic passion. If only that passion would turn to her writing.
She needs something to give her a push. Maybe a writing class will build her confidence and once again spark her passion for our story. Michael, we may still have a chance.
I will write soon my love. I am off to sign her up for a class.
We will be together one day, I promise.

Your Love,

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