Join The Club

I am organizationally challanged most days which makes it difficult to really get anything accomplished. Plus I work fulltime and have millions of other things I want to do. It makes it very hard to find time to focus on writing.

Maybe I just don’t have enough motivation to be a writer even though I love to write. Writing has always been just for me. If I get published great! If I don’t, no big deal.

It has helped immensely to be part of the online writing community where I can feel the support of other writers. Where as before my writing just lay around unfinished with little of hope of being completed. I know complete projects and set goals for publication. I look forward to reading about others successes. It makes me feel as if I can accomplish something too.

My favorite groups is the MuseItUp Club! It is such an active writing group where writers share information, answer questions, and give support to your goals. There are critique groups to join to assist in developing your writing and best of all each year there is an online writers conference with guest speakers, workshops and loads of information.

Check it out!

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