Locked Out

The tradgedy of all tradgeties has happened! I forgot my windows password and I’m now locked out of my laptop. My writing was progressing nicely since I could sit in bed and write. Now I can’t access my files until I can get past Windows.

Of course I could just work from the files on my USB drive, but its not the same as writing in bed or lounging on the deck. As well another good excuse for not writing.

You never think about making a boot disk or writing down your password somewhere before you get locked out of your computer. Aaaarrrggggg!

Without my computer I won’t beable to spend hours avoiding writing by playing spider solitaire or watching movies or listening to books on tape. All excellent ways to waste time other than writing.

So please everyone go make a boot disk for your computer so you don’t end up locked out of your computer.

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    Well, isn't that darn annoying. I can tell you one joy of being married to a computer nerd is that this type of thing is not a worry for me.

    I hope you find a way around it soon.

    Cheryl M.

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