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Do I have a find for all of you who need something to get you writing. Jamieson Wolf has a new ebook out called Write Now! (How fitting is that for us procrastinators?) It offers step by step (ie:EASY) exercises on description, setting, plot, etc. No need to think hard or spend hours writing. Just pick an area you want to work on, open to the exercise and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to check out the examples that go with each chapter.

You don’t have to be a beginning writer to find his book useful. Even those of us who are “serious” writers can use his ideas for brushing up on our writing or breaking through writers block. Or just to read through as we procrastinate writing anything at all.

A big bonus of this book is it’s only $10.00 and it’s an ebook. No need to leave home or even wait more than a few minutes to get it. You can start writing right now when you’re still gung ho about trying it. It’s also housekeeping friendly. It doesn’t take up any space and it won’t collect dust. (Always a plus.)

Check out the books website at to read an excerpt from the book and find out how to order it. Then while you’re waiting the few minutes for your download link check out Jamieson’s website at

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    Hey Dawn,

    I am going to be hosting a virtual book tour on my blog with Jamieson in April. He will be touring blogs the entire month of April for this title.

    I can't wait to read Write Now!


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