First Draft of Carpathian Shadows is Done

In the past week I’ve packed up all of my stuff and moved to the country. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that when you do all of your writing on the computer it is so much harder to loose. This causes a problem when you want to use that as an excuse for not writing. Oh well I have lost just about everything else that I own in the massive pile of boxes. (Writing is so much easier than moving!)

Today (dunta da da!) I’ve completed my first draft of Carpathian Shadows. Yippee! Okay actually it’s the second draft. My first draft was total crap, so I had to edit it to make it passible. Now I just need to email it to the editor and worry about what rewrites she’ll want. I could only hope that she would think it’s perfect the first time around and I could be lazy a while longer while I dream of hot fudge sundaes and sleeping late.

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