Thinking of Being a Writer? Turn Back Now!

Oh my is it already January 19th? There has to be some mistake. The month couldn’t have slipped by that fast without me noticing. I wonder if I can blame my shameless lack of writing on the fact there are now only 16 hours a day instead of 24 or because I switched positions at work, have been working 10+ hours a day, six days a week and on a completely different shift than I’m used too causing me to be extremely tired, frozen water pipes, backed up sewer line and preparing to move.

I like the short days excuse better. It sounds so less self created than the other one. January is just not turning out very good for me. Maybe February will be better…or not. If it gets any worse I think I’m going to run away from home and join a convent where I can spend my days praying and asking forgiveness for ever venturing into writing in the first place.

So to all of those contemplating becoming a writer…TURN BACK NOW! Throw away those pencils, forget you know how to read, and whatever you do don’t under any circumstances think. It will just cause you misery, heartache, and a very messy desk. Not to mention the nominations for Insane Person of the Year and for getting so busy you forget to do any blog entries for nearly two weeks.

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