Procrastination and Deadlines

Oh there’s nothing quite like a deadline to really make me wish that I had picked a different profession than writing. Being the huge procrastinator that I am, it’s totally against my nature to work on anything prior to the night before it’s due. I pulled all nighters during college to complete 20 page research papers that were due the next morning and for smaller papers I’d get up a little early and plug away. It worked great then, but with fiction it’s not that easy. I have plots to figure out, characters to develop, and lots of editing because my first draft really stinks.

For Carpathian Shadows I have been going against my nature and working on it little by little. I have a few more pages to go and my first draft will be done. Yippy skippy! Then comes the really hard part…Editing. I have to, before Feb 1, turn my crappy rough draft into a coherent story that scares the pants off of anyone who dares read it. In other words perform a miracle.

Its much easier being lazy if you don’t commit yourself to anything. Then you have no reason to beat yourself up if you don’t meet your deadline. Okay so you don’t get published, big deal. There is more to life than getting published. I can’t really think of anything right now, but I’m sure there is.

So I will keep plugging away at the story and maybe, just maybe I will be done early so I can work on my other projects that I committed myself too.

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