2007 Witzke Awards

The 2007 Muse It Up Club Awards voting is now underway. With all the great websites up for nomination it’s going to be hard to choose just one. There are some author sites that deserve an award regardless if they win or not.

Prettiest site: Natisha LaPierre
Site that makes you go oooo, ahhhh: Larriane Wills
Best Homepage: It’s a tie – Annette Snyder & C. Hope Clark
I want that book and that book and that book: Shirley Martin
The best work face: Katie Hines
Sexiest Male writer: Bob Rich (Gotta love a man with a beard)
Most Fun: Marcia Berneger
Best Writers Resource: Debi Markee
The winner of my vote for Muse It Up Club’s Website Award: Vicki Taylor

Now I’m off to look at blogs. I already know my choice for MVP: Lea Schizas

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