2007 Favorite Blog Awards

Well Lea says I can’t vote for her for MVP, I’ll have to think of someone else…hmmmm.

I have discovered I’m not much a blog reader. They are okay, but they take too much time to read. Plus there are some blogs that just are near impossible to read. White text on a black backround is awful! It is so hard for me to read that I just don’t even try. There were some with text in colors which weren’t bad but they were also kind of hard to read. My favorites were black text on a neutral background, with pictures to look at.

Here’s my favorite blog awards:

Best theme: Beverly McClure
Couldn’t stop reading: Cheryl Maladrinos
Wish I had her hair: Christine Barber
Best Pictures: Jennifer Paxton (I love the kilt pic)
Prettiest colors: Joyce Anthony
Most Informative: Lea Schizas
Area of writing I want to learn about: Valerie Nelson
Best match to website: Vicki Taylor

My nomination for Muse It Up Clubs best blog: Karina Fabian (All I can say is Wow!)

I was thinking there were only awards for three categories but I guess I was wrong. I still need to look at the zines. I think I’ll do that later, after I’ve written more on my Carpathian Shadows sub.


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    Couldn't stop reading it, huh? What more could I ask for?

    Thanks Dawn.


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    Aww..Dawn, thanks for the vote 🙂

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