Need A Nap

I’m so ready to take a nap now that I’m finished with “the book”. But I can’t, now I’ve got to let everyone know about, plus get to work on my other writing projects. Including my MuseItUp club critique, which I’m behind on.

If you don’t know what the MuseItUp club is, you are really loosing out on a great writing resource. Lea, the founder, is always working on ways to keep writers in the know and get them published. She works tirelessly (sometimes I wonder if she sleeps) on lining up author chats, sorting people into critique groups, and millions of other things. It all makes my head spin to think of how much she gets accomplished. (And how much I don’t.)

So if you’re an aspiring writer or accomplished writer head over to the MuseItUp Club at htttp://

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