Pendragon Academy 100

Well National Novel Writing Month is finally over and once again I’ve accomplished very little. I got side tracked as usual. My son was nominated by his teacher to attend a Leadership Conference in Washington, DC next spring. So I have been busily putting together an book as a fundraiser. 100 of the Best Free Online Learning Links for Teachers, Parents and Students will be available through within the week. I’ve searched the web for some of the best sites the web has to offer. I looked for ones without tons of popups, ads, or at cost member only sites. These sites are many that I’ve used and loved as a homeschooler. They are listed alphabetically, then indexed by subject and grade level. Since this is a fundraiser the cost will be low in hopes of selling as many as possible before the registration deadline of December 15th. If you can please help get my son to his goal of $1700, so he will be able to attend this great educational opportunity.

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