My Guardian Angel Dear

My Guardian Angel Dear

The tides are changing here. Where once we were a proud race, we are now fallen. We beg in the streets for what we can get. Our children cry from hunger although we give them everything we have. Our bellies scream for food as well, surviving on water and bits of food.

I write this to you as a final farewell. Tomorrow they will hang me. Not for begging, but for murder. You may be thinking that it’s not possible. Not I, such a gentle soul, could commit such a vile act.

You would be wrong. I put my knife through the belly of a man who took upon a young girl’s person to defile her. She was barely 9 years of age and fought him with all her might.

Something snapped in me as I witnessed this. Every abuse and maltreatment that I had ever endured flooded through me. I grabbed a knife from a dead body lying at my feet and ran at him.

I would not let another girl go through the pain and torture that I have endured these many long years.

Please do not feel sadness for me, I do not need it. I feel a great relief at ending my suffering. My pain will be gone and I will be at peace for the first time in my life.

This letter is reaching you so late by my request. I do not want you to feel obligated to save me from the hangman’s noose. Always know that you will be forever in my heart. I will watch down upon you from heaven, William Russell Bartley. I will be your guardian angel.

My love always,
Annabell May Jorden

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